Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Audio Gadgets: New Lyra Digital Audio Speakers

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Are finding for the new attractive design and look based digital audio speakers? If yes then here is advanced feature based latest audio gadget like a digital jukebox LYRA gets so far another alteration to plea to the new generation. The new interactive LYRA Adam art audio gadget for elevated consistency in a dense and interactive design. Our feature includes a 200watt rms amplifier, best discrete subwoofer in cabinet, attractive external studio quality speakers, active 10” subwoofer and so on. It is designed by Adam Berlin.

I hope it’s a great sound gadget and best for those who love to listen in your like music. It includes an attractive look, design and feature. It is comes with high technology and provide you attractive sound features.

Other specifications include: memory card reader, 2 USB interfaces, CD/DVD burner, 15” touch-screen line, 320 GB of RAM and supports for Ethernet LAN, WLAN.
COST: $ 3,393


Marketing Grrl said...

A little something for Christmas to blast the neighbors with holiday music - fabulous!


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