Friday, October 15, 2010

New Samsung 3D TV Come to the Market

Friday, October 15, 2010

Are you television lover? Would you like to advance three dimensional televisions? If yes then here is Samsung 3D TV come to the market. This is awesome from feature and designs with 3D glasses. Samsung is an innovative company which can be manufactured a lot of television product. Here is lots of television products available, but its new Samsung 3D TV is superb which is allows awesome feature that deliver three-dimensional viewing without the annoying spectacles.

This television has effective sound capacity you can easily listen your favorite pictures, you can not get anywhere these television in market. In market now-days there are different-different quality base television are available but these are new and superb from other.

From Electronista:

…BK Yoon, Samsung Electronics' visual display president, said 3D without glasses is relatively easy to bring to mobile devices, but is a bigger challenger for 3D TVs. Backing Yoon's argument are analysts who say it will take at least five years before glasses-free 3D TVs are sufficiently mainstream.



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