Friday, October 1, 2010

Gadget Thumbs: Kobo Wireless eReader

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kobo has launches new Kobo wireless ereader which is latest technology base e-book reader. It is provide a faster performance and a sharper eInk screen. We offer many effective features just like it’s simply read on any device such as iPhone, iPhone, MAC, Android, Blackberry, computer and Linux. It is comes with WIFI, 1GB internal memory, latest faster processor, longer battery life and provides built-in dictionary.

This is fully base on new generation strategy that means it is fantastic gadget product. It is currently swanks more than 2.2 million books as well as now day’s launches and timeless classics and thousands of free books. The new Kobo wireless ereader which is access the Kobo store for millions of e-books and pre-loaded with hundred free literary master-pieces. If you are finding fantastic feature base latest woreless ereader then use this product.

COST: $139.99MORE


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