Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Audio and MP3 Gadgets: New Panasonic Hi-Fi HX40 & HX45 Headphones

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Panasonic comes with new high-tech HX40 & HX45 headphones which is compact Hi-Fi audio and MP3 gadgets. These product present synthetic leather head pads sound isolating and ear pads, for smooth over extended times of use. The HX40 & HX45 headphones would be come to the market on Dec 2010 it would be come in different-different colors like black and white. To build best feature able audio and MP3 gadgets without forfeiting the sound quality, Panasonic has built these HX40 & HX45 headphones with a new Hybrid Diaphragm.

 The new Panasonic HX45 audio and MP3 gadgets has modified this specific driver unit with a great diameter of 36.0mm to represent actual Hi-Fi sound. It is comes with excellent features such as easy head pad and soft ear pad, HX45 is utilized synthetic leather head pad and ear pads. Well, previously we have seen a lot of audio gadgets but I found these new headphones are awesome. Would you like to buy these audio and MP3 gadgets? VIA


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