Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend Story of Luxurious Television Hughes

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Luxurious television Hughes is coming up in world wide web and these are designed by Stuart Hughson get wraps of the world wide most luxurious Television. It is designed a gold structure in 55” screen cased with 28 kilogram of solid gold and this is 18 carrot gold. Based of this latest television is tremendous and to make golden that we can used live exclusive pattern frame with brilliant round. This is coming here with price tag of £1.5 million  or $2,250,000. But another television is rather reasonable a few gold PrestigeHD electronic gadgets. There are comes with a vend tag of $1,500,000 and half million drop is rock-solid by using few gold and diamond there are main features included 48 brilliant round 0.75ct but you are depend it using diamonds 19 kilo of 22 carrot gold. This is mainly living rooms and so latest luxuries Television. It is very expensive latest television to buy it. via


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