Friday, March 5, 2010

New Portable Solar Battery Charger

Friday, March 5, 2010
New portable solar battery charger is a matter just to test that solar components products "joos orange charger” is capable of doing its work six to twenty times faster, much more than their competitor- "3g cell phone talk time per hour". But solar cell phone charger is really a matter to think that" joos orange charger” gives 120 minutes of talk time by charging per hour of sun but their competitor just provide it to 20 minutes of talk time. Well their technique spread sheet also says that their solar power battery charger is 20 times more powerful than any other charger in the market. And if we use their reflector kit then it works comparatively 30 times faster. Now thinking that the product is just 6 times more powerful than anyone else, a question always arises that “did they really found the generation of solar power or did their engineers have worked for that? Finally, we can say that-Solar Components will make this 5400Ah solar powered battery available in June at an affordable price like that $100.We all will love to use it. via


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