Monday, March 1, 2010

Green Gadgets 2010 NVIDIA Ion

Monday, March 1, 2010
Green NVIDIA gadgets have made in next generation Ion picture processors official. And you might be hearing that Ion was slower than the first generation ion as well as this is wrong. Actually there are two version of green Ion gadgets product like that 16-core and an 8-core versions. Apparently, supposed performance had been benchmarked on 8 core version. The next generation of Ion is well as comparison first one Ion and high performance graphics to Netbook without bettery. When we started to compared to a plain vanilla Netbook with intel incorporated graphics.
Green gadgets product Ion went being chipset with an incorporated graphics processor and GPU is new iteration.There are different has chosen to keep the same name because Ion has a brand that is synonymous with high performance Netbook. It is also good decision and should note that Netbook with windows starter all the graphics quality of Ion because this is aero interface and media center and HD vedio support it.Ion will kick in only when challenging graphics application are used and the system will switch back to the slower incorporated graphics chip and optimum technology. The transition is faultless and check our previous about post and you want to know more.The first version of Ion with 16 cores theoretical to be used for Netbooks and slower version will go into 10 Netbook . because we are talking about the shading presentation here. Version will supported a maximum of 512MB video memory.  via


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