Sunday, July 5, 2009

ELONEX eBook Gadgets Product

Sunday, July 5, 2009
This is such a great and high advance concept based design this ELONEX eBook gadgets product and whole parts of body this ELONEX eBook Gadgets product is based on latest unique design and technology. And this ELONEX eBook Gadgets product launched the ELONEX eBook market 600EB and that can be which comes with no significant differences compared to other devices in the competition but it brings a price of 220 euros are quite interesting compared to the more than 250 euros for the Amazon Kindle in the United States if it seek is a simple e-book readers.

The ELONEX eBook Gadgets product are representing great advance technologically future just like this is a screen of 6 inch monochrome e-ink and its report is based on a SD memory slot are including a 4 GB card. ELONEX eBook Gadgets product has reached an agreement to sell eBooks on the web Borders UK and a sort of House of Books in the United Kingdom.

And the formats include TXT and HTML and plus many others and even the manual shows how to create your own books through Adobe software. In return we must say it loses a few features such as downloading content wirelessly and the possibility of subscribing to a newspaper and downloaded automatically. Via


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