Sunday, June 28, 2009

TAG HEUER Monaco LS 40th Anniversary Edition Watch Gadgets Product

Sunday, June 28, 2009
This is really great and advance TAG HEUER Monaco LS 40th anniversary watch gadgets product are showing great advance design from outdoor and interior. And to celebrate the forty years of his successful clock Monaco and TAG HEUER watch gadgets product in presenting a few weeks ago decided to launch an updated version of the original clock used and promoted by Steve McQueen and this TAG HEUER watch gadgets product has became a highly desired piece to use for the movie "Le Mans".

And in March are this brand of luxury watches gadgets product that has presented a model concept for remembering the legendary French race and now has launched the new Monaco are called LS and that is a symbol commemorating the great combination of McQueen and Le Mans.

And the movie Le Mans is very important in the history of TAG HEUER watch gadgets product and recalling that in order to faithfully interpret the racing driver Michael Delaney are Steve McQueen decided to consult one of his friends and representative of TAG Jo SIFFERT.

At the request of McQueen and the actor agreed to SIFFERT his white racing suit that can be which was supplemented with a symbol on his chest HEUER Chronograph and McQueen decided to use the new Monaco Automatic Caliber 11 for the film?


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