Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Latest Luxury World Most Expensive Pen

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This is really great and most expensive pen and manufacturing process is based on latest advance concept and future so I can say this is such a great and best luxury product expensive pen.

And when we think of the elements that describe the executive or businessmen and then imagine a good car in mobile phone gadgets exclusive branded clothing and much more but it is also a symbol of luxury product and style luxury product is the pen or pen used.

And after several months of rumors that was confirmed this morning that the most expensive writing instrument of the story has been put on sale by their owners to the incredible figure of $ 1,470,000.

And this type of expensive pen is presented for first time just a few months ago and the Aurora Diamond is the pen most expensive luxury product in history to be made with 30 carats of diamonds and manufactured I mean design by the De Beers on a barrel of solid platinum and white gold.

To understand the uniqueness of this luxury product world most expensive pen and the British expert Mark Fitzgibbon said he has been in this industry whole his life and has never seen a pen so expensive and recalling that the most expensive until you saw were only 1700 pounds.


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