Sunday, May 10, 2009

Microsoft Tags Gadgets Product

Sunday, May 10, 2009

This is Microsoft tags gadgets product are providing high unique advance technology and concept and Microsoft tags gadgets product I mean Microsoft is showed us where their High Capacity Color Bar Code and it is appeared that these were to be compared with future too QR-Code that has gradually been improving and some obvious advantages to their rivals. And the truth is that the design of the QR-Code means that these are not too attractive to the naked eye that while the recent examples of Microsoft tags gadgets product and the name you have renamed are shows their potential for integration in various similar gadgets products.

These codes can be integrated with color images to make them more visually appealing in even to the point where the code is impossible to assess at first glance to virtually merge with the image. So I can say this is difficult to be a proprietary technology and I think Microsoft and is included in some of their physical gadgets products and offers readers various phones gadgets as tools to create these codes easily. Really this Microsoft tags gadgets product is different and unique high advance conceptual design and I think this Microsoft tags gadgets product is not more expensive. Via


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