Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kobian Robot New Technologically Product

Sunday, May 24, 2009
This is the latest technology of “Kobian robot product it is available in amazing future connected on all four sides it is built-in excellent quality stuff countless possibilities to build almost very situation of sittings. And above images is presenting various life moment just like sad, happy, hot and many more and this image is show sad moment and with this gesture we can get an idea of what its creators wanted to convey.

And this robots may not have feelings and are learning to simulate a whole or on display just like Kobia is the best example to date has been set up by the Japanese Waseda University. Kobia I mean this robot is capable of displaying up to seven emotions, with joy, anger, happiness and even confusion among them.

This development has a clear purpose and these robots can serve as a company and help the elderly Japanese, increasingly numerous. For now they have to express basic emotions just like an automatic and not just when they have been programmed for this. So I can say that is such a great advance technologically robots and different from another similar robots from work and design. Via


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