Monday, April 20, 2009

MOVISTAR will also sell the Nokia N97 Gadgets

Monday, April 20, 2009

Last Saturday I CONTABAMOS that Vodafone gadgets will sell the new Nokia N97 gadgets, but today we hear news that seems to still not very clear that this operator is that it finally sold in Spain in at least on an exclusive basis. And this past weekend in the websites of Vodafone gadgets in the United Kingdom showed Nokia N97 gadgets as the mobile operator market red shortly and specifically announced for the next available month of July. As I write this post in offer still stands, so I do not think it is no mistake in according to our informants and it is determined that the new high-end Nokia gadgets reaches the hands of Vodafone Spain gadgets are MOVISTAR which may be finally marketed is probably exclusively. It is possible that Nokia gadgets are still negotiating with carriers and no official announcement that Vodafone gadgets are a malevolent indiscretion. Another less likely option, but I like most is that the companies have finally realized that the exclusivity of terminals is not the way and it is desirable to distinguish them from competition by service and customer care. Really very nice gadgets product because whole conceptual thoughts based part of body and this gadgets is very nice and good looking.


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