Monday, April 13, 2009

Best Samsung LED TV series 6000 in gadgets

Monday, April 13, 2009
The new gadgets Samsung has now accessible new TV series LED 6000, LED 7000 and LED 8000, first entered the world of super-high definition “of LED technology. Design, picture quality and ecological protection are main points of the new TV LED, available in sizes ranging between 32 and 55 inch thick and characterize by electrics gadget evidence of only 25 mm and reduced to 40% compared to a traditional LCD. The three series differ in some aspect: starting from set LED 6000, LED TV to 100 Hz and it comes from set LED 7000 that add to get to the LEDs 8000 to 200 HZ.

This is line between TV and Web through a series of widgets that make bigger range of information available to us is with pre-loaded content and with the inside Internet, including stock exchange, weather, Face book, Flicker, EBay and so on, with the option to use wireless connection via USB adapter, cool no? Returning to the condition, the new LED TV has a very good contrast, with blacks that are finally realistic colors bright and vivid.

The wide viewing angle allows you to see completely well from their front position and not on the versions at 200 Hz, the best ever on wheels they can be reproduce with a clarity never seen before. All TV series are equipped with LED digital terrestrial handset incorporated with Samsung Cam slot included, such as not having to buy an external receiver for best content. For sale in coincidence with the TV is a new LED wall group designed to reduce the thickness of the 4cm. Via


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