Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Apple launched laptop Gadgets

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Making the leading computer company, Steve Jobs, head of the Apple name of the world's most thin laptop in the market is launch a 0.76-inch thick laptop to San Francisco in public and Apple chief of the United States has - for the consumer Tunes also has released software.

Jobs says, "We deliver all over the world are desperate for. By the end of this year, it created around the world boom will" and about this laptop that he says it's an engineering amazing piece.

He says, "This space reserved for a CD or DVD drive, but it's not like a wireless machine is made."

And the Sony laptop is some companies like Dell and OSS popular portable devices in collision will and these companies also are making the notebook is very light and easily moved to anywhere can be. Apple of two weeks in the laptop will be available for sale. It will cost close to $ 1,799 and the company main Hollywood studio films to rent a facility to show will start soon. People fond of films on your computer to download them with just three to five dollars in its original format iphone or transferred to the new ipod also will be able and the company also announced that they Apple TV technology equipment have been improved so that any content downloaded from the computer directly to the TV and it can be seen on the big screen.


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