Saturday, January 17, 2009

Superyachts Moon Goddess

Saturday, January 17, 2009
Carlos Peralta Quintero, the owner of the impressive Princess Mariana is also the owner of the Moon Goddess. The huge size of the Princess Mariana did it impractical to reach small beach that was not fast enough, we commissioned this marvel. The moon Goddess 115 feet in length and equipped with the latest technology can develop a maximum speed of 53 knots and high maneuverability. Was manufactured by Danish Yacht and the exterior design was led by Espen CERN, while the interior is the work of Francois Zuretti.

It is built of carbon fiber, Kevlar and epoxy, making it a very fast boat, light and strong in the luxury segment of luxury yachts. Her turquoise green on the helmet is perhaps the main feature at first sight, and he does not become a different color for this type of yachts. The interior is quite elegant, have been used wood tones and colors as well as crystal clear greenish tint in some detail, making the environments in spacious and fresh.

In the last two images to appreciate alongside the Moon Goddess Princess Mariana, the two jewels of its lucky owner.


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